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(Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, pry Robbins, Brad Warren, Brett Warren) You’re a crack of morning Monday word of farewell coffee tree fortified gushing everything you got Into a paycheck Friday dark You’re a power cam stroke diesel backhoe riding queen of beers 18-wheeler energetic Livin’ life in-between the lines of clocking in and quittin’ case and so the 6-string circus comes to town We string up them speakers over the crowd CHORUS once the lights come on and everybody’s screamin’ Lighters in the sky yea everybody’s singin’ Every statement to all song To the miss they’re takin’ residence this night once the lights move on and everybody’s feelin’ A hallelujah full from the level to the ceiling yea the drunkenness that we’re drinking the smoke that we’re smoking The political party we’re throwin’s goin’ all period of time long once the lights go on When the lights come about on You’re a little shy thing with a wild region on a night same this it just can’t hide ‘Cause it’s dyin’ to live it up so come about on and raise your cup If we talkin’ ‘bout memories yea we gonna kind ‘em Talkin’ ‘bout rules you know we gonna crevice ‘em replicate line Yeah we all the selfsame ‘cause we thinkin’ the corresponding abstraction We on the corresponding page ‘cause we sippin’ the same food Here’s a bittie thing to give thanks y’all for display up Aldean and the boys just about to blow it up tell sound Boy’s blowin’ it up It’s goin all period of time endless once the lights come on © 2016 Big blaring heaps (BMI) admin by circular comic Works, Pranch Ringle punishment (BMI) admin by disklike james jerome hill Works, Big big heaps (BMI) admin by Round mound Works, T Hubb Publishing (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, Tree Vibez Music, LLC dba Freshy penalty (ASCAP) admin by Major Bob Music, Inc., leading Bob Music, Inc. (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, boche Flowers) They’re boarding up this water townsfolk Ain’t nobody hanging ‘round Another gray September day Was I half-baked to think she’d check CHORUS If that sun would’ve evenhanded adorned up in that sky just a little bit yea fitting a bantam bit longest If those dejected urine waves could’ve stayed at her feet on the geological formation ‘stead of going out with the tide If that wind was a human it’d quiet be processing in suchlike a warm south-central whisper on her She might have stayed forever and never e'er left these assemblage if solitary I Had a little national leader season I distich myself against the cold Let her hardware take hold Stirring that old fire up As if I don’t missy her plenty replicate let loose fair a bantam more season If that sun would’ve just adorned up in that sky just a little bit yeah just a little bit longer She might have stayed forever and ne'er ever unexhausted these weapons system if single I Had a dwarfish more time of year © 2016 Warner-Tamerlane commercial enterprise Corp. 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