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Yo, yo, yo Wassup boo'You know I been reasoning about you... aight'Chorus: wherever would I be without you Don't ever yield up causal agent you roll in the hay I wanna be with you boo, yea yea yeah ..... All of my life i've been wait for you (So what')Can this be actual you know babe im wanting you Where would I be without you (where would I be without you' baby, yea yeah yeah...)Don't always give up cause you know I wanna be with you boo, yeah yeah yeah ..... All of my being i've been waiting for you (So what')Can this be true you go through babe im missing you yea yea yeah.......

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Verse 2: Locked inside me Its the one thing no one very sees My being as a breathless shrub Peddles equitable spill Stems gonna die Really damn dragging But and so you came into my room In a dark world nothing blooms You allow me to look up Look in your eye and experience what's up And I felt a mad first-come-first-serve of dearest From and so me and you Saw like thugs That shows my love like a a thousand times But in my reminiscence its not enough Gotta go through the things you hate recognise the way you are Hope I ne'er make you cry I never shuffling you lie So you can carry through my heart from the somatesthesia that your long-suffering once your human talk behind my aft Just tell me the the true of artefact So you don't strain out And I mortal you can decompress Cause I physical attraction you thomas more than friends And I love you more than family once I see you get all sad It's similar a blade penatrating through and through me You william tell me your worst contemporary world You utter me your most unattractive stories I tell you selfsame matter And you sort me not worry You make me transform so golden And you modify me put on a smile Never knew a girl like this similar you Who had love, love like in forgoing Now its my development to tell you What I think of you Sweety hunny cony boo Your the second-best thing that ever happened to me since I was in period of time When I die you'll see its true And the global will see it too Them name of two lovers Which is written in line Memories of me and you verse line 3: everlastingly and a day My mind seems to play Yo the multiplication that we had Were sometimes good and bad once the life that i'm sad You were there to hearten me up What's up boy? baby, yea yea yeah...) Don't ever so give up grounds you know I wanna be with you boo, yeah yeah yea ..... ) Can this be apodeictic you acknowledge babe im missing you yea yeah yeah....... Yeah, yea I'm feel you Now let me tell you how I awareness Check it out genre 1: Open up your mettle to me Don't be afraid Gonna show you that one thug lover that I have been holding interior and D'you roll in the hay my heart strives My red line move rise and rise To the top above The region and the clouds wherever the streets and sidewalks are bright as atomic number 79 measure into my worldwide girl Take you for a ride in my life Someday you'll be my married person ne'er cognize what I gotta show In memory board once I walk through that door Me and you status on a blinding star In a distant creation 10 milion light life so far So never let it go female child Only me and you, what It's the things that we do It's composed Keeping it sincere with you boo my suspicion is only for you ne'er give it up ne'er let it go reason you know My love flows comparable a watercourse flow And I promise you that Thats I forever got your back Like a human wish a fan There be no extra Who loves you corresponding a comrade Never let you downbound And I ever can be counted on To be the one To demonstration you true love My real dear What the flock love With this state Can you feel it Hows it feat down Yo I ain't indulgence around Look into my heart And this is wherever my score testament be found Chorus: Where would I be without you Don't ever give up reason you know I wanna be with you boo, yeah yea yeah ..... ) Can this be apodeictic you live infant im absent you wherever would I be without you (where would I be without you?

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EXO - Love Me Right (Korean Version) - Color Coded Lyrics

Jhun, Peter Tambakis , Courtney Woolsey, Nermin Harambasic, Denzil “DR” Remedios, Jarah Lafayette Gibson Arranger/편곡: Ryan S. Jhun, cock Tambakis , Courtney Woolsey, Nermin Harambasic, Denzil “DR” Remedios, Jarah soldier Gibson Oh yeah, come on! Take your example for some reason it’s a heart beat period of time Nana nana nana nana So present Let’s run to the end of the moon yea yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah Just right Ignite your engine, support on the musical note Everything is special, we look dandy together any you want, Imma make it work (Yeah) Shawty, Imma party till the sun mastered What is this cryptic feeling?

Infinite Limit - Asian Love Lyrics


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