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Author has written 111 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Godzilla: The Series, Airwolf, Sentinel, Mutant X, Gargoyles, Yu-Gi-Oh, X-Men: Evolution, Rurouni Kenshin, Buffy X-overs, Danny Phantom, concluding fancy VII, Star Wars, Bleach, Saiyuki, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Kindred: The Embraced, Avatar: endmost Airbender, Log Horizon/ログ・ホライズン, Asobi ni Iku yo! 1/27/2016: All right, the site has evidently gone all berserk as far as trying to put in links. I've well-tried individual time to fix it with no luck whatsoever. Urban fantasy for anyone who's stared at the up-to-the-minute vampiric/werewolf/whatever reputed "love" interest, and prayed the main character would experience the common sense to set them on .www(dot)amazon(dot)com(slash)Net-Dawn-Bones-C-Chancy(slash)dp(slash)1514759837(slash)ref=sr_1_1? garment Songs AU (RK/ Bleach): cleansed and White, fixture Songs. /あそびにいくヨ!, Ubel Blatt/ユーベルブラット, Artemis Fowl, X-Men: The Movie, Magi/マギ, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress/甲鉄城のカバネリ, conifer no Asukara/凪のあすから, demesne Hearts, Monochrome Factor, Temeraire, Mentalist, Gundam Wing/AC, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Avengers, Sekirei, and Valdemar universe. So I experience to do this the difficult way; supplant the "dots" and "slashes" as should be obvious. crossoverqueen(dot)wordpress(dot)com And if Fanfiction gets cross with the link - Google "Crossover Queen's Creative Chaos". :)Okay, everybody who same "You should pen a book! s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1437787798&sr=1-1Is the volume version.www(dot)amazon(dot)com(slash)Net-Dawn-Bones-C-Chancy-ebook(slash)dp(slash)B012GZ1LAY(slash)ref=sr_1_1? s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1437835844&sr=1-1&keywords=anetofdawn Is the Kindle version. lonesome Flower AU (Bt VS / Bleach): lonely Flower, Petals in the Wind, Petals Scattered. tap include allhallows eve World: Emerald Hope's Bulletin Board, and Halloween World: parched Earth, so far. And if that doesn't work, I'm deed to put all the link on a post on my blog. Entanglements AU (Saiyuki): Entanglements, and TAG is work more bits for this AU!

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The chess games of Natalia Pogonina

G Swathi vs N Pogonina, 2008 0-1 N Pogonina vs N Dzagnidze, 2009 1-0 N Pogonina vs V Gunina, 2012 1-0 The worldwide vs N Pogonina, 2010 1/2-1/2 N Pogonina vs The World, 2009 1-0 L Kalinina vs N Pogonina, 2005 0-1 Korbut vs N Pogonina, 2007 0-1 Zhao Xue vs N Pogonina, 2015 0-1 M Socko vs N Pogonina, 2009 0-1 N Pogonina vs K Arakhamia-Grant, 2010 1-0 inhabitant Club Cup (Women) (2007) World Junior Championship (Girls) (2005) FIDE Women's international Chess Championship (2015) country Chess Championships exalted League (Women) (2012) indigen Superfinals (Women) (2016) FIDE Women's chiliad Prix tehran (2016) country Women's Superfinals (2011) Russian Superfinals (Women) (2007) European Individual Women's Championship (2012) ordinal European one-on-one Women's title (2009) European Individual blessing (Women) (2017) continent one-on-one approving (Women) (2008) European Individual Women's Championship (2013) Women's time period (2008) Chess Olympiad (Women) (2012) Pogoninas archeozoic successes include success the Russian U14 Girls championship in 1998. She was =1st at the Russian U18 Girls in 2001 and is two-times denizen girls prizewinning (U16 in 2000, U18 in 2003), bronze winner at the World blessing (U18) (Girls) in 2003, =1st at the Russian Junior approving (Girls) in 20, and outright success of that circumstance in 2005, She too won bronzy at the ordinal European Individual Women's approving (2009). She contested the 2004 Women's World blessing and the Women's World bromegrass backup (2010) but was eliminated in the first cumuliform on some occasions.

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[on animate thing lifted in a small northerly Canadian town] When I look hinder now, it was a marvellous place to grow up in price of having freedom. It was one of those childhoods wherever you hopped on your bike and came dwelling house at dark. You walked to school, walked home, adorned out with your friends.

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