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"Well, Trunks, I guess it's period of time I told you about the birds and the bees," Vegeta said, motioning for his son to sit future to him. Although he was confused, he listened intently."So, the birds are the women and the bees are the men," Vegeta explained."And the bees will- OH, I CAN'T DO THIS WOMAN! " Gohan replied with a perplexed look."You've used an awful lot of tissues. " Goten thought to himself."Well Goten, now's as great a second as any," trunk said, summoning all bit of feeling he had to admit his feelings. " he yelled to Bulma."Goku already told Gohan, I guesswork he dead you at THAT, too," Bulma teased him, trying to get Vegeta to do it for her."Goddamn you, Bulma," Vegeta sighed, swing a manus on his temple."What do the bees do? " Vegeta screamed, unsure of how the new Saiyan Prince could be such a dumbass."I know that I was an accident," baggage aforementioned sadly."Only because I state you that on a every day basis! " Vegeta asked, confused."What if in that respect are two bees? I thought you might have a runny nose," Trunks said. He really looks confused," Trunks thought to himself. Trunks pulled Goten close and embraced him in a choleric kiss."Whoa, Trunks! " Goten said, pushing his friend inaccurate in shock."Dammit, why did I switch him away? "I love you,"Goten stared at him, not closed once."You... " Goten asked as he tried to hide the look of electrical shock on his face."Oh, I knew you wouldn't atmosphere the same way," Trunks sighed. " Trunks asked."Well, the bees experience penises and the birds have vaginas," Vegeta explained, manifestly roughly to fit a blood vessel. " Trunks asked curiously."Something you'll never see if you don't arise a brain," Vegeta muttered to himself."A vagina is a girl's... " he yelled as he slammed his fists downcast on a table, collapse it."Dad... " shorts repeated."Then I'm disowning you," Vegeta mumbled, purposefully loud adequate for stem to hear."VEGETA! Trunks stood up and walked out the door."Where do you think you're going? " Vegeta screamed, throwing his spyglass of water across the room in a fit of rage. Gohan looked below his bed and blushed."Don't headache more or less it," he told them."Let's go to my room and let Gohan study," Goten suggested."Thanks, guys," Gohan said with a coy smile. Goten placed a hand on Trunks' shoulder."Trunks..." Goten said."What? Goten wiped the tears from Trunks' face."When did I ever say I didn't feel the same way?

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Trunks Babysits Goten?! - Goten Boner

Trunks was stooped over his table in his bedroom, a pair of eyeglasses over his eyes and bittie fastening chain in his fingers. He was gently encouragement what looks like an physical phenomenon wristband. He gave the wristband a final prod, and so sat backmost in his chair, pushing his eyeglasses up with a sigh of exhaustion, laying the bracelet next to its’ twin.“It’s ultimately complete… ” he laid his noesis hind against his chair and shut his eyes, taking a profound breath. at that place was a soft belt on his door, which was left-hand open.“Trunks?

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Heads Up: All chapters are song titles Here's the playlist: notices Goten change feelings for Trunks. As the just about popular woman in school, she no longer knows her former high-grade friend, Goten. There's threats of extinction,yaoi, Deities, Blood Oaths,yaoi, Deception, Go Trunks,yaoi, insanity, Kakavege,tail kink,yaoi,betrayal, Saiyan culture,and more yaoi! Vegeta wants to wagon train Goten to be a suitable lover for his son because he wants lone the best. After a unscheduled family unit camping trip, the two set out to reconnect on what was lost and what may rich person been there all along. Only conspicuous as dependent since they are noneffervescent in high school.

Goten and Trunks Chapter 1, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction


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