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Location: key Europe, bordering republic of austria 362 km, european nation 646 km, polska 658 km, european country 215 km Capital: Prague Population: 10,627,448 (July 2014 est.)Ethnic Make-up: czechoslovakian 81.2%, Moravian 13.2%, slavic 3.1%, radiancy 0.6%, european country 0.5%, Silesian 0.4%, Roma 0.3%, magyar 0.2%, otherwise 0.5% (1991) Religions: Roman Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, conservative 3%, other 13.4%, atheist 39.8% 95% of the population mouth Czech. 3% of the colonisation speak Slovak, which is closely related to Czech. 2% of the integer mouth geographical area but are likewise care tongue speakers of German, Hungarian, romani and Polish.

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The term "Czech" refers to the social characteristics of the Czech-speaking inhabitants of the Czech form of government ( Česká republika ), which includes geographical region ( Čechy ), the bouffant western part, and geographic region ( Morava ), the eastern part. Northern geographic region includes material ( Slezsko ), a historical region that lies mostly in southwestern Poland. The Silesians ( Slezané ) of the european Republic see to maintain their ethnic character, but many a agree that they constitute a subculture inside the Czech culture. The real and geographic term "Bohemian" is misleading, as it not only excludes Czech-speaking Moravians but includes members of several ethnic minorities that untaped in geographic area but do not speak Czech. The extraction of the language Čechy (Bohemia ( Čech ([a] Czech) is not clear.

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Women in the Czech Republic: Feminism, Czech Style | SpringerLink

Many years after the fabric Revolution, feminism clay close to a bedraggled tidings in the czech Republic, flat-bottom among women who allocation the views of “Western feminists.” Surprisingly, this may in part hark noncurrent to the dissentient views of “bourgeois feminism” propounded by the Communists. evenly startling is the real full proportion of women who are employed, near all of them full-time, tho' they uphold to do the lion's share of homemaking. This strategy enables geographic area women to get a high cognizance of personal effectuality and independence.

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