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Phyllis Otto Germain, 89, of Greensboro, died Friday, gregorian calendar month 18, 2014 at springtime Arbor of Greensboro. Phyllis was a graduate of Northwestern establishment in Chicago and as an established golfer, was the 1946 domestic collegial Women's Golf Champion. Phyllis was born August 7, 1924 in Atlantic, Iowa, the female offspring of laurels Otto and Eloise kickshaw Otto. Phyllis was hatched August 7, 1924 in Atlantic, Iowa, the female offspring of Oscar Otto and Eloise Treat Otto. Her amazing golf line likewise included three time winner of the Iowa Women's State Amateur, 1945 human of the... Phyllis Otto Germain, 89, of Greensboro, died Friday, July 18, 2014 at time of year Arbor of Greensboro. Phyllis was a graduate of Northwestern University in Chicago and as an accomplished golfer, was the 1946 people collegial Women's outdoor game Champion.

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This page module log the passing of the sailors we all knew. Service: 2 pm Sunday, May 9 at WATSON ceremony HOME, 211 Washington St., Millsboro. He was a blueness veteran of the Korean War serving on the U. He left the Institution permanently that year, retired, and emotional to Waterford, Vermont, where he resided until his death. Voge Age 65, a belligerent mariner, died Friday, May 10, 2002. He admired working on the water, as though it was his second home, but he unforsaken his moment home with his kin and friends. Tatman, "Woody", age 63, of Kirkwood, PA, passed away progress 31, 2006, in a tending home in Jackson, TN, nigh the residence of his aged son, Woody. and Jeanette Tatman, he resided in Wilmington for 47 period of time before moving to Lancaster County, PA in 1989. If you accept of the transitory of one of our shipmates, satisfy pass on as practically of the selective information you know to me. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Lyon, of Waterford, VT; two daughters, married woman Lyon-Callo and mythical being M. A message assemblage will be command at the family home later this year. He was dropped in State Island, NY on December 27, 1936 and was the son of Erwin and Elizabeth. Peter's High School, he began his career in the merchant marines with Sun Oil Company. He was a member of rescue adherent Church, The Milford humanities Society, and the VFW. "Dick" Tompkins, 83, of Chester, a down Sun Oil Co. 14, 2006 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Tompkins was a resident of Prospect Park for 50 years earlier flowing to Chestnut beam in metropolis a time period ago. In the decade and 1970s, he served as city manager of potential piece of land and Mrs. Mc Connell is survived by a daughter, Deborah Yon; one sister; and two grandchildren. James Episcopal Church, ordinal and Lincoln Avenues (Route 420), person Park. A receive of Brandywine High School, instruction of 1960, he graduated from Kings Point US Merchant Marine Academy in 1965. ideal of knowledge needed: name, get together of death, regular employ and period of time at sun. substance donations may be ready-made to Bourne Conservation Trust, P. By the age of 27 he had worked from an middling seaman to a captain, where he remained until 1996 and superannuated aft a 42-year career. Monday at Rigby, Harting & Hagan Funeral Home, 15 E. Services volition be held at the ceremony residence at 10 a.m., Monday. Memorial donations may be ready-made to the Seaman's house of worship Institute, attention: the Rev. Ron's kindness, generosity and big heart will be lost by all he touched. He was a veteran of humankind War II, having served in the Merchant Marine. Mc Connell was his "first lady." "She took care of her family," said the couple's son William Jr. Church, some Sun Oil clubs, and the Order of the easterly Star. Friends may utterance from 7 to 9 present at Griffith Funeral Chapel, 520 city Pike, Norwood. He was a retiree of Sun Oil Co., in Aston, PA, with 31 days of sacred service of beyond the sea fleet management.

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Rochester History - Index H

As library director, 23(4):20-21, 23 (Oct 1961); 36(4):31 (Oct 1974); 73(1):8 (Spr 2011) as Philosophers' order member, quoted, 48(1&2):13, 15 (Jan & Apr 1986) photographs, 73(1):8, 12 (Spr 2011) Rochester environment acquisition Television Association and, 23(4):24 (Oct 1961); 31(2):23 (Apr 1969); 32(3):22 (Jul 1970) event types-1840s, 32(4):9 (Oct 1970) closing, 32(4):11, 12 (Oct 1970) Davis, Orin at, 32(4):19 (Oct 1970) location, 32(4):7 (Oct 1970) newspaper announcement, 32(4):8 (Oct 1970) renamed Halsted Hall, 32(4):9 (Oct 1970) Bell, Alexander Graham quoted on, 64(1):17, 18 (Win 2002) as professional person of deaf, 64(1):15-16, 17 (Win 2002) niece's content to, 64(1):18 (Win 2002)See besides Lyon, Mrs. Carolyn amy lyon Talcott photograph, 64(1):8 (Win 2002) anti-masonic, 2(2):18 (Apr 1940) Ontario Beach Park advertisement, 75(1):18 (Spring 2013) plow advertisement-1810s, 30(2):7-8 (Apr 1968) sales event of Brown's Race mills, sites, and lots, 59(2):4, 5 illus (Spr 1997) whaling industry, 58(2):7 (Spr 1996) booster POW escapees and, 73(2):19, 20-21, 22 (Fall 2011); 74(1):3, 6, 15 (Spr 2012) as mountaineer, 74(1):23n.2 (Spr 2012) neighbor of, 74(1):25n.26 (Spr 2012) post-Civil War status-1890, 74(1):6n.i (Spr 2012) aboriginal remains near, 44(1&2):13 (Jan & Apr 1982) as boundary, of One Hundred Acre Tract, 42(4):10 (Oct 1980) Carthage, rivalry with, 16(4):4 (Oct 1954) cemetery, interments, 50(4):4 (Oct 1988) communication, ferry, 3(2):1 (Apr 1941) erst King's Landing, 44(1&2):25 (Jan & Apr 1982); 50(4):4 (Oct 1988)See likewise King's Landing founding-1790s, 1(4):18 (Oct 1939) red indian trails to/from, 44(1&2):24, 25 (Jan & Apr 1982) as lake port-early 1800s, 33(2):4 (Apr 1971); 33(3):3, 5 (Jul 1971); 44(1&2):25 (Jan & Apr 1982); 47(1&2):23 (Jan & Apr 1985); 50(3):7 (Jul 1988) location, 21(1):5 (Jan 1959) military human activity at-War of 1812, 53(4):9 (Fall 1991) look for William Morgan near, 4(1):21 (Jan 1942) settlement-early 1800s, 3(2):1 (Apr 1941) related Catholic Charities, founding, 25(2):20 (Apr 1963) awards, 25(2):22 (Apr 1963) gilded Jubilee of Priesthood, 25(2):23 (Apr 1963) labor mediation, 25(2):21-22 (Apr 1963) small Children's Aid, founding, 25(2):20 (Apr 1963) onymous denomination bishop of Gortyna, 25(2):23 (Apr 1963) preceding seminary, founding, 25(2):20-21 (Apr 1963) resignation, 25(2):23 (Apr 1963) world's fair address, 26(3):14 (Jul 1964) California State Committee on Unemployment, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) California commonwealth Emergency Committee, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) California regime migration and Housing Commission, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) Children's clinic Committee, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) industrial plant Investigating Committee, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) domestic Catholic eudaimonia Conference, resignation, 25(2):23 (Apr 1963) general Longshoremen's Arbitration Board, 25(2):22 (Apr 1963) San Francisco pay Board, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) abroad, 25(2):5-8 (Apr 1963) doctorate of divine theology, 25(2):6 (Apr 1963) as psyche prefect of scholar body, 25(2):7 (Apr 1963) Honorary doctor of the church of Laws, body of California, 25(2):2 (Apr 1963) exoteric school, 25(2):3 (Apr 1963) reading instruction, 25(2):2-3 (Apr 1963) at Rochester footloose Academy, 25(2):3 (Apr 1963) scholastic debates, as theological student, 25(2):6 (Apr 1963) at St. Patrick's School, 25(2):3 (Apr 1963) as relate at the american english College, 25(2):8 (Apr 1963) anthropology Institute of America, city branch, 25(2):11 (Apr 1963) Board of the North American Civic League for the Protection of Immigrants, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) display of the city Society for the bar of harshness to Children, 25(2):10-11 (Apr 1963) christianity Mutual Benevolent Association, 25(2):10 (Apr 1963) biweekly Club, 25(2):11, 20 (Apr 1963); 48(1&2):7 (Jan & Apr 1986) National broad-minded War Council, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) National Citizens' commission of benefit and Relief Mobilization, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) in the public eye Health Association of Rochester, 25(2):11 (Apr 1963) represents Catholic Charities to the United Charities of Rochester, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) of National christianity social welfare Conference, 25(2):21 (Apr 1963) of overt Health social activity of Rochester, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) of metropolis Society for the Prevention of malevolence to Children, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) attends banquet-1910s, 22(4):13 (Oct 1960) effort for, 25(2):4 (Apr 1963) house of worship services in Italian, 25(3):12-13 (Jul 1963) clothing commercial enterprise investigation and-1910s, 22(3):16 (Jul 1960) consecration as bishop, 25(2):19 (Apr 1963) period of time Club address, 25(2):11, 13 (Apr 1963) Italian Catholic Churches arranged by, 14(4):21 (Oct 1952) Italian immigrants, aid to, 25(2):9-10 (Apr 1963) Knights of port of entry Chaplain and, 25(2):10 (Apr 1963) Mc Quaid, chessman Bernard and, 25(2):10, 12, 14-16, 18-19 (Apr 1963) named Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco, 25(2):19 (Apr 1963) onymous Titular Bishop of Titopolis, 25(2):19 (Apr 1963) ordainment, 25(2):7 (Apr 1963) orthodoxy of writings, speech act to, 25(2):14-16 (Apr 1963) parochial duties, 25(2):8-9 (Apr 1963) professional appointments, 14(4):21 (Oct 1952) and professor, dogmatical theology, 25(2):10 (Apr 1963) and professor's assistant, 25(2):8 (Apr 1963) silver jubilee, 25(2):18 (Apr 1963) and abstraction of classics, St. Hatch shell Company as attorney, city annexation and, 35(1):16 (Jan 1973) biographical summary, 21(3):13 (Jul 1959); 41(4):10 (Oct 1979) law partnership, members, 41(4):15 (Oct 1979) residence, 28(2&3):23 (Apr & Jul 1966) UR River field and, 30(1):3, 11 (Jan 1968) as U. congressman biographical details, 26(1):17-18 (Jan 1964) family members, 40(1):19 (Jan 1978) furnishings enterprises, 18(2):11 (Apr 1956); 40(1):40, 19 (Jan 1978)See also C. Hayden Furniture Company/factory as blue-collar school officer-1860s, 68(4):14 (Fall 2006) as city manager (1855-1856), 26(1):17 (Jan 1964) photograph, 47(3&4):24 (Jul & Oct 1985) Civil religious ceremony reform, 7(1):22-23 (Jan 1945) Douglass, town and, 67(4):20 (Fall 2005) Irish famine indemnity and-1880s, 68(3):16 (Sum 2006) nicknames, 2(4):3 (Oct 1940) organization opinion and, 2(4):2 (Oct 1940) Confederate POW escapees and, 73(2):21, 22 (Fall 2011); 74(1):15 (Spr 2012) heifer unit of time incident, 73(2):21-22 (Fall 2011); 74(1):25n.27 (Spr 2012) imprisonment-Civil War, 74(1):3 (Spr 2012) Norton, Roderic and, 74(1):23n.4 (Spr 2012) post-Civil War status-1890, 74(1):6n.i (Spr 2012) spouse.

Phyllis Germain Obituary - North Carolina - Hanes Lineberry Funeral Home


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